ContentMine Installation Instructions

Here are some simple pages to help you get started with installing and running some of the ContentMine software on your platform.

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What is ContentMine?

ContentMine aims to enable everyone to perform research using humanity’s accumulated scientific knowledge. We believe that “The Right to Read is the Right to Mine”: anyone who has lawful access to read the literature with their eyes should be able to do so with a machine. To make this a reality we are building software and training resources so that together we can liberate 100,000,000 facts from the scientific literature.

Peter Murray-Rust leads ContentMine as a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow.

What software is described by this site?


A paper acquisition tool written in node that can automatically download all open papers matching a given query from popular literature repositories like EuropePMC.


A tool to standardise the wide variety of papers available into a common format: scholarly html.


A tool that extracts facts from scholarly HTML with a variety of plugins for different knowledge specific areas.

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